Curry - Therapeutic Body Curry Comb

<b>Curry - Therapeutic Body Curry Comb
The Curry Comb is durable plastic tool for grooming the horse. Historically used as a mane & tail comb, Dr. Tom Tweeten introduced the use of this comb as the ideal tool for grooming the entire body of the horse. He has published several articles (www.equiscentials.com/articles.htm) on the benefits of using this Curry Comb for helping shed out the horse’s coat as well as explaining how it can be used to maintain a healthy coat throughout the year. It is an excellent grooming tool to prepare your horses coat for clipping. The 'sure grip' of the comb makes it easy to hold while working the coat and messaging the body of the horse.

Curry Combs come in assorted colors: Blue, light blue, purple and grey. Please specify multiple color chooses just in case your first choice in not in stock!